An Introductory Phrase

It is  important to make statements in your own words John alluded to that in his introduction but I have seen a lot of papers both in synthesis exams and term papers where the writer will make a statement in his or her own words then give this big chunk of quoted material from a text or a video then another sentence in your own words then another big chunk of quoted material that is not what you want to do that really detracts from the overall quality of your paper what you want to do is to be able to to paraphrase the material in your own words you can give a quote but just don’t use a lot of corn material not a lot of verbiage there’s something really essential really important fine but not a lot of quality material use your own words put your own spin on it so paraphrasing of your own sources is important and use direct quotes sparingly.

Also you want to make sure that you do use the source material that dr. says has asked you to use in the last go-around when we did synthesis exams there was a problem because a lot of the students only chose one or two sources to write about for example they use the textbook not the videos they use the videos not curious alignments so you want to be sure that you’re thorough and use what John has asked you to use that makes a difference now personal information some writers will go on and on about themselves and that you don’t want to do that sure you’re you’re learning new material you want to give your impression of it but you don’t want to make the paper all about you and that’s true about the synthesis exams and the term papers you want to give that source material in the synthesis exams wanted to give that back in your own words and the term papers you’ll be writing about a subject of your choice that you’ve researched so you want to present that research in a coherent and concise fashion now sentence structure in order to keep your pro style smooth and easy to read.

I recommend that you varied your satisfaction now how do you do that what you do is to use a variety of sentences declarative and sentences with an introductory phrase here’s a declarative sentence I am teaching this class the straight to the point there’s another declarative sentence I am enjoying it which I am but if we have more than two of these in a row it starts to get really boring what you want to do is after about two declarative sentences use a sentence that begins with an introductory phrase like this on Wednesday , I will be at home on Wednesday is an introductory phrase there’s a comma separating those words from the rest of the sentence this gives a whole different feel to this section because it’s not just a straight sentence there’s a phrase here to break it up.

Published by Diane Spencer