Essay Writing Strategies

There is no best way of writing an essay right or or the most appropriate way of writing an essay but there definitely some principles which you should follow while writing an essay so the idea is if we are able to discuss on these various topics some of the important topics it will definitely the kind of preparation and the kind of approach I’m telling you to prepare if you do the same thing for these topics even after you go back home before the mains examination there is a good amount of chance that you will be able to use that information for many questions it may not be a direct question but it will be related to it that’s the that’s the idea so I’m not going to tell you I am NOT going to give you entirely the statistics which are relevant for an essay and all that see. Find even more essay writing strategies at Edusson.

I have not prepared for that right and before we go into this thing this is something that many of us it’s a link so it is not just about Phyllis you know the philosophical primarily again when we discuss the key areas we look into it but these are the main areas and you can you can easily try and fit in any topic that is given to one of these areas so this is just an introduction I mean I’ll just keep giving you more tips as we go along so the first and foremost thing in my view which you should do once you get the question reference go through the four topics in one go through the four topics in another but decide which with which section you want to write first finalize the topic and then don’t start immediately writing you are right only two aces indriyas according to me you should spend 20 minutes for thinking and not ten minutes for writing even 20 25 minutes for thinking and one one not ten minutes because what is the word limit thousand two thousand two hundred words thousand two thousand two hundred what is equivalent of six answers 600 Zi can write in one hour.

So it will not take more than one believe me will plant this often that applies both in means you shouldn’t think too much because if you start thinking in one answer you’ll not be able to answer 20 questions so there it is more about ensuring that whatever you have you structure it with subheadings I’ve given you enough Qian on that and how to structure it the subheadings and write it quickly put the subheadings and write it in simple sentences enclose it possible diagrams are possible you draw it and close it but for a say take your time take your time and think and even the thinking for 20-25 minutes should be a structured manner right I do not know whether someone is whether they give rough sheets for a sense backseat to church will be them.

Published by Diane Spencer