Use Email Signatures to Attract Buyers to Your Website!

I never thought that my email could help me to grow a business.  I didn’t even think about it until a friend who has her own business sent me an email and I noticed her signature.  It was her advertisement for her various business ventures.  Consider using your email signature as a way to squeeze out some extra advertising.

Just like the telephone is the most utilized way to communicate with someone for a local business, email is the way to “talk” to someone when you conduct business on the Internet.  Your site will be seen by thousands of people and many of them will buy from you (hopefully!).  In reality, you won’t ever meet these people in person.  To keep in contact with them, use the email system.

Most email providers will allow you to set up a signature line.  Unfortunately, this marketing tool is seldom used.  It’s a good idea to take the time to rectify that situation.  Decide on what you will say in your email signature line to attract people to you website and your business.

A signature line has to have a few things to make it effective.  First, there is your name.  When you sign a letter, you sign it with your name first and then list anything else that goes along with that.  Add a couple of lines that describe what you do as the owner of your business.  Ask email recipients to visit the website and supply the website address.  If it is helpful, add your telephone number.  This can be your home telephone, but a separate business line will keep you from missing potential business calls or having family members answer them.

When you perfect your signature line, create a signature file.  This is where all of this information will be stored so it can easily be changed if you need to.  Be sure that the signature line looks professional and is displayed the way you want.  Avoid using HTLM if you can, as it can be tricky.  One word or symbol out of place and you will actually see the code in your signature line.  That won’t go over well.  To most people, it looks like gibberish.

Use your signature file when you send emails to family and friends as well.  When they forward your emails, others will see your signature line at the bottom.  Set up distribution lists using your email address book so that important business emails get to the right people at the right time.  Give each list a name that is easily identifiable.  So that all of the names are not seen in the top line, enter them on the blind copy (bcc) line so that they stay hidden when the email is opened.

Another final stealth tip here, I’ve used signatures in niche forums where I’ve wished to market certain products and distribute them (without raising affiliate marketing alarm bells) in that community of targeted readers.

To do this, you simply search in Google for Your Nice+Forums and it will display them, then find a suitable range of forums and become a member. Go in, read a few of the posts and find ones that you know you can really add value to, then at the bottom leave your signature in there with your URL. Most forums allow this and I’ve made numerous sales by doing this for affiliate products, as well as my own products/services.

This works a treat especially if you want to attract tons of buyers to your website. Or if you don’t have a website and wish to do affiliate marketing, here’s the stealth marketing tip of the century.